Ichiro Haiku Contest!

The composer of my favorite Ichiro-themed haiku wins this never-worn, never-washed, extra-large T-shirt, the promotional giveaway from last Friday’s game. Share your best haiku(s) — multiple entries encouraged — in this post’s comments between now and 12 a.m. next Tuesday, August 23, and I’ll mail out the shirt shortly after that. Check out this so-so sample, found here

Motion still to come,
Sleeve is plucked; smoothly, swiftly
Fifty-one comes home.

And here’s a close-up scan of the design…

Now get crackin’!


33 responses to “Ichiro Haiku Contest!

  1. August in Kansas City
    it is hotter than two rats
    fucking in a wool sock

  2. you must not test me,
    the arm laser is ready.
    okay, don’t listen.

  3. FAA delay:
    Ichiro stopped at the gate!
    …heard he’s got a gun 🙂

  4. Swift with bat in hand
    Japan’s national treasure
    Home is in right field

  5. Lets go…Ichiro
    Poke that ball right through gap
    Lets go…fifty one

  6. The sky is dark grey
    Spring has come to Seattle
    Leadoff, Ichiro

  7. Lead off man, five-one
    All Star Game, again he’s there
    His arm a cannon.

  8. National treasure
    Lead off man must be speedy
    Overused cliches

  9. Throws at speed of light
    Performs magic with the bat
    A virtuoso

  10. Dormant soul fire
    Seeks a challenger’s zeal
    Dice-K, you suck, man

  11. (based on Ichiro’s explanation of missing a fly ball)

    Ball becomes the sky
    I send out mental signals:
    “Please don’t come my way”

  12. “Cleveland makes me smile”
    I stop short, and punch my face
    Because I’m lying

  13. Baseball game in Seoul
    Korea smells like garlic
    I ain’t Paul Theroux

  14. Ball into Outfield
    “I’ve got it,” “No, I’ve got it”
    Paramedics swarm

  15. Torturing pitchers
    with death by a thousand hits,
    Ichiro is feared.

  16. Throw your best pitches
    I will hit them anyway
    I am Ichiro

  17. Ovechkin swings club
    Luongo, Kesler lift weights
    God, I miss hockey

  18. With the magic glove
    and the speed of a cheetah
    Ichiro’s a BEAST!

  19. Went to Seattle
    Caught me a Mariners game
    Suzuki’s number one!

  20. He’s no Big Unit
    He’s Ichiro Suzuki
    Fifty-one can hit.

  21. Kyle Lafreniere

    The Pride of Japan
    Exceeding expectations
    A long way from home

  22. Everything the guy says can be turned into haiku!

    She is beautiful
    Her bowling is atrocious
    Disappointment reigns

  23. The hits stop coming
    I ask myself for advice
    Hurrah! Slump busted!

  24. For years Ichiro
    Said, “I hit singles in mine.
    But not anymore.

  25. Ichiro, the tree,
    Has a problem. See the root.
    Don’t water the fruit.

  26. Our man from Japan
    Still lacks a World Series ring;
    Blame Nintendo chiefs.

  27. richiemcintosh@gmail.com

    Quickly to first base
    Soon after returning home
    Quickly to first base

  28. I was there last night
    Ichiro had zero hits
    Two homers were good

  29. His wand is his bat
    Pulls base hits out of his hat
    More like a Ninja

  30. Japan’s native son
    Has great speed and quite an arm
    We love 51!

  31. drag bunts, slap hits, drives
    spider wall thief snags flies
    rocket arm, runner out

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