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Ichiro at West Point

Danny Wild /

Danny Wild /

Following a campus tour, Ichiro and the Yankees played an exhibition Saturday against the Army Black Knights.

Adam Hunger / Reuters

Adam Hunger / Reuters

The Yankees won, 10-5 — link.

Next: Game 1 vs. Boston, 1:05 Monday.

Spring Training Wrap


Our man has now completed his first Grapefruit League season, with so-so numbers. Going 16 for 56 with five runs, three doubles, no triples, no home runs, two RBI, and three stolen bases, he compiled a line of .286/.333/.339. Of course, Spring Training stats don’t mean dick, especially when dealing with alligators and a car crash.


“Hooters Girl nearly killed, Ichiro Suzuki did not catch the ball”

For the record, this is the our third Ichiro/Hooters post in as many seasons, following this and this.

Ichiro Lego-Type Toy

ichiro130321Looks like they’re sold out, though I’d love to see Flip Flop Fly Ball make an actual Lego Ichiro.

When Ichiro & Team Japan Won the WBC

That would be both World Baseball Classic tournaments before the 2013 edition, in 2006 and 2009. However, the stress of the latter tourney left Ichiro with a bleeding ulcer. He decided to sit out this year’s event, in which Team Japan got knocked out in the semifinals, thus ending Japan’s WBC mini-dynasty.

Coincidence? I think not.

Ichiro Art #39

ichiro131307Jumbotron style.

“Flexibility Is My Weapon”

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports on Ichiro’s specially designed training machines — he has full sets at his New York home, at Yankee Stadium, at the Yankees’ Spring Training complex in Tampa, at his parents’ home in Central Japan, and in the Kobe hotel where he spends the offseason… Link.

Ichiro’s Car Crash!


Ichiro totaled his Land Rover in Tampa on Saturday afternoon, but he’s “very grateful” that he wasn’t injured (nor was anyone else). It happened about three miles from the Yankees’ Spring Training facility, at the intersection of Dale Mabry Highway and West Kennedy Boulevard (above). An oncoming car turned left in front of him but he couldn’t stop. His air bag deployed, and then the car he hit crashed into another car. A bunch of quotes:

The car was turning left and turned into me. I slammed on the brakes and couldn’t do anything about it, but I had the green light… I realized that air bags actually do exist. Obviously, I’ve never seen one before. You can trust the car makers that they do make good air bags and safe cars… I almost want my body to kind of feel like I got hit or something. My body just didn’t react, I guess. Nothing. I guess you can say that you’re going to have to do a lot worse to have me get hurt… When I was in high school, I was on a bicycle and I got hit by a car. Ever since then, I’ve been really aware and really careful, to the point where I look everywhere… As a driver, I’m very careful and very aware of the situation. I’m probably the worst backseat driver, because I see everything and I tell the driver, “Be careful,” a lot. So I’m a very careful driver.

First the alligator, now this. Details here, here, and here.

Ichiro vs. Alligator


The New York Times reports on Ichiro adjusting to his first spring training in Florida — the new environs, the humidity, and alligators. Says Lou Piniella, “In Arizona, you’ve got coyotes and scorpions to deal with. Here, we’ve got alligators. But they only run straight at you. You have to kind of zigzag. I think Ichiro can make the adjustment.”