Game 10: Did Not Play in 4-1 Win vs. Boston

At Bats: 0
Runs: 0
Hits, Game/Season: 0/6
Runs Batted In: 0
Walks: 0
Strikeouts: 0
Left on Base: 0
Average: .429
Notes: None.
Next: Game 11 vs. Boston, 7:05 Friday.

2 responses to “Game 10: Did Not Play in 4-1 Win vs. Boston

  1. Kathleen Rogers

    This season is just heart-breaking. I love this guy so much and can’t believe what I am NOT seeing. Normally, since I live out of town, I subscribe to MLBTV for watching Ichiro, but I won’t subscribe this year unless they play him a lot, lot more. Maybe a trade would be better? I want him to get his ring, but I want to see him play more.

    Love your site and the only reason I haven’t subscribed is that I watch games on my own schedule and don’t want to know the score in real time. This year, what does it matter?

  2. Hey Kathleen — Glad you like my site! Yeah, too bad he doesn’t get to play more, but perhaps he will in the future, since he’s been doing pretty well in the few games he’s been in so far. — Steve

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