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Ichiro’s Littlest Fans Update!


Viv (L) and Bea (R) are seven months old tonight!

This is how they looked at one month, wearing the same shirts.

Ichiro’s Return to Seattle, Part 2


Went to tonight’s game…


…Took these pictures.


Ichiro & Morganna

Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images

Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images

No, the gal in this picture is definitely not the ’70s ballpark sensation Morganna.

Ichiro and the infamous kissing bandit are from different eras (and different countries), so it’s quite possible they’re not even aware of one another. Still, after seeing this cool Morganna mini-doc, I can’t help but imagine how it’d play out if those two ever crossed paths. Judging by Ichiro’s posture above (during a 2009 game at Safeco Field), I’m afraid Morganna would’ve gotten the cold shoulder.

I mentioned them together in this 2001 All-Star Game preview I wrote for the Seattle Weekly. It concluded with a line that, while true at the time, I felt quite differently about soon after: “I’ll take Morganna over Ichiro any day.”

Ichiro’s Littlest Fans!

Say hello to Beatrice (L) and Vivian (R), born to my wife Eliza and me one month ago tonight!

Fan Signs at Yesterday’s Game

All photos by me.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Posted on Cyandero’s tumblr blog.

Ichiro’s Fans #6

I missed the story on these guys last year, but better late than never — link.