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Ichiro Art #53

Rendered in Legos, or LEGO, or whatever — link.

Ichiro Art #52

Bit • Ball • Club

Bit • Ball • Club

8-bit Ichiro, made on request by the awesome Bit Ball Club.

Ichiro Art #51


Ichiro stands atop Craig Robinson’s amazing Árbol de Béisbol — see the whole thing here.

Ichiro Art #50

Found here.

Ichiro Art #49

Found here.

Ichiro Art #48

Made by the same guy who made these.


Found here.

Ichiro Art #47

Found here.

Ichiro Art #46

At least I think this is Ichiro, multiple photos of his face all chopped up. It seems to be a spoof of this…


…Whoever he is.


Ichiro Art #45


Ichiro Art #44


Ichiro Art #43

ichiro130515Chainsaw sculpture, 2001.


Ichiro Art #42


Ichiro Art #41

Buy a print here.

Ichiro Art #40

Found here.

Ichiro Art #39

ichiro131307Jumbotron style.

Ichrio Art #38

By markchidc.

Ichiro Art #37

Inspired by that crazy run he scored Monday night, found here.

Ichiro to New York: Art & Articles

Monday’s Seattle Times photo gallery: Ichiro’s career as a Seattle Mariner.

Tuesday’s Seattle Times: Ichiro Effect on Seattle economy exits with All Star.

Tuesday’s For the Seattle Mariners, it’s the end of the Ichiro Era.

Tuesday’s U.S.S. Mariner: Acknowledging Ichiro’s Greatness.

Wednesday’s New York Times: Careers of Suzuki and Matsui Are Further Intertwined.

Thursday’s Seattle Times Mariners Blog: It took leaving Seattle for Ichiro to finally be used in roles he’s better suited for.

Friday’s New York Times front-page story: Next Act for Superstar: Conquering New York.

Let’s finish with a joke, from Tuesday’s Late Show with David Letterman monologue: “The Yankees have signed All-Star Ichiro Suzuki from the Seattle Mariners… He gets two million dollars and Cameron Diaz.”

eBay Alerts: Quickie Ichiro/Yankee Merch

Above, a 1961 Topps replica knockoff; below, a sketch

Another sketch

A custom McFarlane figure (hope it looks better in person than this bad Photoshop job)…

I dig this ’82 Topps knockoff

And one more illustration

Ichiro to the Yankees: The Day After

Here’s some Ichiro/Yankee stuff I found online this morning, like all these gifs

…some cool art…

Oyl in Tokyo

…a newly released song by Seattle resident/Mariner fan/Death Cab for Cutie dude Ben Gibbard, titled “Ichiro’s Theme”…

…a bit of silliness…

…and a couple interesting links: Sportspress Northwest‘s exhaustive compilation of highlights of Ichiro’s 11-1/2 seasons in Seattle, and the Japanese reaction.

More to follow.