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My Favorite Super Ichiro Crazy Posts of 2011

Above, Ichiro in video games; below, Ichiro vs. Kenny Powers

Ichiro playing cards

Ichiro haiku contest

Ichiro impersonator

The Baseball Project’s Ichiro Goes to the Moon

Ichiro action figure

Ichiro’s dog Ikkyu

Ichiro fan art

And finally, the video I posted of The Throw has since been removed, though this one I just found might be even better…

See you in 2012!

Happy Anniversary, Ichiro and Yumiko!

December 3, 1999: Ichiro and Yumiko marry at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles… This isn’t a photo from their wedding day, but close enough.

1/6/12 UPDATE

Regarding the top comment below — oops, I think Mike C might be right. So, here’s a picture of Ichiro and Yumiko, displaying their wedding rings at a long-ago press conference. I apologize for any inconvenience.