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Game 107: 0-for-4 in 8-1 Loss vs. Tampa Bay

Kevin P. Casey / AP Photo

At Bats: 4
Runs: 0
Hits, Game/Season: 0/118
Runs Batted In: 0
Walks: 0
Strikeouts: 1
Left on Base: 3
Average: .267
Notes: Three flyouts, one strikeout, one outfield assist… Nice try, but didn’t make the catch in the above photo.
Next: Game 108 vs. Oakland, 7:10 Monday.

Ichiro Ads on Seattle’s Metro Buses

C’mon, Ichiro’s bat isn’t that hot, at least not this year. Besides, doesn’t he keep his bats in a humidor?

The full ad looks like this. I found it at the awesome It’s a Long Season, along with this

Both ads were created by Mike Hayward. Lastly, an older bus ad, found here

Game 106: 1-for-4 in 3-2 Win vs. Tampa Bay

Otto Greule Jr. / Getty Images

At Bats: 4
Runs: 1
Hits, Game/Season: 1/118
Runs Batted In: 0
Walks: 0
Strikeouts: 1
Left on Base: 1
Average: .269
Notes: Single, strikeout, groundout, flyout, and a run, scored on a Dustin Ackley homer (above).
Next: Game 107 vs. Tampa Bay, 1:10 Sunday.

Ichiro Impersonators

Here I am with some guy who was posing for photos on the Safeco Field concourse at tonight’s game.

There’s also this guy, who has a bunch of YouTube videos…

And this guy, who appears to be a street performer…

Maybe he’s the same guy I met tonight?

Game 105: 0-for-4 in 8-0 Loss vs. Tampa Bay

At Bats: 4
Runs: 0
Hits, Game/Season: 0/117
Runs Batted In: 0
Walks: 0
Strikeouts: 2
Left on Base: 3
Average: .270
Notes: Two groundouts, a strikeout and a flyout on Sonics Celebration Night… Nice pregame tributes to both the Sonics and Rick Kaminski.
Next: Game 107 vs. Tampa Bay, 1:10 Saturday.

Ichiro and the Sonics

That’s Ichiro hurling balled-up T-shirts into the Key Arena stands at a Seattle SuperSonics game, sometime in the 2000s. Lurking behind him is Sonics mascot Squatch (not the first time Ichiro encountered Bigfoot). And here’s Ichiro courtside with wife Yumiko and Sonics owner/Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz…

I bring this up because tonight at Safeco Field is Sonics Celebration Night, commemorating the NBA franchise that left town for Oklahoma City in 2008: “The Mariners tip their caps to the Seattle SuperSonics during a special pre-game celebration featuring some of your favorite green and gold legends, stars and coaches.”

Ichiro took in at least one other Sonics game with Schultz, versus the Pacers in December 2002…

Jeez, it’s just a basketball game, not a fashion show.

Perhaps Ichiro and Schultz were discussing Starbucks Cards, like this one that appeared in 2005…

I’m not sure how big of a basketball fan Ichiro is, though he certainly is no good at it (at least not in that 1995 TV documentary)…

Still, he got to meet Michael Jordan…

Nice sweater.

Top photo found here.

Baseball Card of the Week: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey #165

This week’s card was chosen by Eliza.