Ichiro and the Sonics

That’s Ichiro hurling balled-up T-shirts into the Key Arena stands at a Seattle SuperSonics game, sometime in the 2000s. Lurking behind him is Sonics mascot Squatch (not the first time Ichiro encountered Bigfoot). And here’s Ichiro courtside with wife Yumiko and Sonics owner/Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz…

I bring this up because tonight at Safeco Field is Sonics Celebration Night, commemorating the NBA franchise that left town for Oklahoma City in 2008: “The Mariners tip their caps to the Seattle SuperSonics during a special pre-game celebration featuring some of your favorite green and gold legends, stars and coaches.”

Ichiro took in at least one other Sonics game with Schultz, versus the Pacers in December 2002…

Jeez, it’s just a basketball game, not a fashion show.

Perhaps Ichiro and Schultz were discussing Starbucks Cards, like this one that appeared in 2005…

I’m not sure how big of a basketball fan Ichiro is, though he certainly is no good at it (at least not in that 1995 TV documentary)…

Still, he got to meet Michael Jordan…

Nice sweater.

Top photo found here.


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