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Ichiro’s Alien Abductions!

At least three times he’s been swept up into a spaceship to have his mind probed for his thoughts on Nippon Oil, aka Eneos.

This isn’t the first time he’s pitched for Eneos — look.

Ichiro Fathead: Yankee Version


This would look totally sweet in our girls’ room but Eliza says no.

Mariners-era Fatheads here; order here.

Weird-Ass Ichiro Video Game

Ichiro was apparently cloned several times over in this video game simulation-type thing, as two teams of NPB-era Ichiros square off against each other. It’s like Being John Malkovich, or something.

Spring Training Notes


Above, a portrait from the recent Yankees photo day. Below, what he looks like in one of those mandatory new batting helmets


This article has some good tidbits. Like, after seeing Derek Jeter for the first time following off-season reports of Jeter getting fat, Ichiro joked, “Jeter was not the eater the media portrayed him to be. That was good to see.”

When asked if he thinks he can be as productive in his first full season with New York as he did in 67 games last year with the Yankees (.322/.340/.454 with five homers in 67 games), Ichiro replied, “Of course.”

Check out the buzz cut…


Wonder if he’ll take in any Bolts games while in Tampa?


Says here he homered off Hiroki Kuroda in BP. Says here, “I was facing a Japanese pitcher, so I went in relaxed. It’s not like the ball is going to come in here,” pointing at his head. “The guys watching made a big deal about it, so in the end, I guess it was fun.”

What’s that stuff on his shirt?

Tomorrow: First game of Spring Training, an away game versus the Braves at 1:05 p.m.

Ichiro This Morning

Photo by James Petrozzello.

2013 Spikes Update

This is what he’ll be wearing at home…


And on the road…


He wore these last year…


Reporting to Spring Training


Here’s our man arriving at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa on Saturday for his first Grapefruit League season… And here he is in the batting cage…


More pics here.