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Wait — Is Ichiro Returning to the Mariners in 2013?!?

Not likely, but this 2013 Seattle Mariners calendar would have us think otherwise. Both Ichiro and Brandon League (second from left in the above photo) haven’t been with the M’s since July.

Weird-Ass Ichiro Cartoon

Ichiro Hot Stove Update #3


Ichiro Hot Stove Update #2


Ichiro Hot Stove Update

New York Post

New York Post

A couple weeks ago, Ichiro said that he’d like to continue playing for the Yankees, and the Yankees said they’d be happy to have him back. Then last Tuesday, Japan’s reported that Ichiro and the Yanks agreed to a one-year, $5M contract. However, the report was false.

Then on Friday, the New York Post reported that Ichiro had grown impatient waiting for an offer, and he began talking with other teams.

So that’s where it’s at.