Monthly Archives: February 2012

Photo Day 2012

These were taken a week ago today.

Ichiro’s Wide Stance

He’s gonna take a new approach at the plate this year, as demonstrated at spring training — Geoff Baker has video.

And here’s our man practicing his bunts…

2012 Spikes Update

Here’s what he’ll be wearing at home…

And on the road…

Link, along with Ichiro’s Asics spike history, 1995-2011.

Now Batting Third: Ichiro Suzuki

John Lok / The Seattle Times

Read more here, here, and here.

Ichiro’s First Official Throw of Spring

Photographed today by Larry LaRue.

Ichiro Arrived at Spring Training Today

No photos, but here’s a link.

My First Ichiro Baseball Card of 2012

It’s a mini Topps 1987 replica, #TM-14… Can you dig it?