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New Season, New Header


Today marks the third anniversary of this here blog, so I thought I’d freshen it up a bit with this new header. The old one only showed Ichiro’s Mariner cards, but this new one also includes the other teams he’s played for during his pro career — Nippon Professional Baseball’s Orix BlueWave, Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees, and his World Baseball Classic squad, Team Japan.

Below is the old header, shown here for posterity.


Thanks Eliza!

Fake Ichiro Card #16

ichiro131021Topps didn’t issue any 2013 Ichiro baseball cards, which sucks. I’m guessing that, for whatever reason, Ichiro didn’t sign a contract with Topps, but who knows? There’s some speculation here.

ShlabotnikReport righted this wrong by creating this faux ’13 Topps Heritage replica card. Meanwhile, an eBay search for “Ichiro Topps 2013” mostly turns up these stupid fucking things.

Fake Ichiro Baseball Card #15

ichiro130508bFound here.

The Most Expensive Ichiro Item Currently on eBay

For $25,000, 2001 Ichiro Ultimate Collection Signed Card PSA BGS 10 ? is yours. Shipping is free.

waxpackkid is clearly insane.

Baseball Card: 2012 Topps #TM-105

Based on the 1987 Topps design. Love the wood grain.

Fake Ichiro Baseball Card #14

Based on the 1980 Topps design. Found here.

Fake Ichiro Baseball Card #13

Front above, back below.

Found here.

Fake Ichiro Baseball Card #12

Based on the ’77 Topps design. Found here.

Baseball Card of the Year: 2012 Topps Update #US272 Variation

This card’s photo by Otto Greule Jr. captures the most bittersweet moment I’ve ever experienced at the ballpark. It happened this past July 23, the day the Mariners traded Ichiro to the Yankees, just before his first plate appearance in a non-Seattle uniform. He was no longer a Mariner, as he had been for the previous 11-1/2 seasons, but his bow to the Safeco crowd spoke volumes about his respect for the Seattle fans. Thinking about it now, I still get a bit choked up.

Baseball Card of the Week: 2012 Topps Update #US272

This is the first Topps card of Ichiro in a Yankee uni.

Baseball Card of the Week: 2012 Panini Triple Play #293

Fake Ichiro Baseball Card #11

Based on the ’72 Topps design.

Found here.

Fake Ichiro Baseball Card #10

Based on the ’74 Topps design. Found here.

eBay Alerts: Quickie Ichiro/Yankee Merch

Above, a 1961 Topps replica knockoff; below, a sketch

Another sketch

A custom McFarlane figure (hope it looks better in person than this bad Photoshop job)…

I dig this ’82 Topps knockoff

And one more illustration

Ichiro to the Yankees: The Day After

Here’s some Ichiro/Yankee stuff I found online this morning, like all these gifs

…some cool art…

Oyl in Tokyo

…a newly released song by Seattle resident/Mariner fan/Death Cab for Cutie dude Ben Gibbard, titled “Ichiro’s Theme”…

…a bit of silliness…

…and a couple interesting links: Sportspress Northwest‘s exhaustive compilation of highlights of Ichiro’s 11-1/2 seasons in Seattle, and the Japanese reaction.

More to follow.

Fake Ichiro Baseball Card #9

Found here.

Baseball Card of the Week: 2012 Triple Play

These should be out next month.

Baseball Card of the Week: 2012 Topps #537

Pardon the redundancy, since we’ve already seen this card’s photo here and here.

Baseball Card Sticker of the Week: 2012 Topps Archives #67S-I

It’s based on a sticker set Topps issued in 1967. (Yeah, this baseball-card size sticker has edges; you just can’t see ’em here.)

Baseball Card of the Week: 2012 Topps Archives #821A-1

Based on the ’82 Topps set. I wish it had a unique photo, instead of the one already used on other 2012 Topps cards.