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Ichiro Loses His Shit #2

from a different angle.

Ichiro Loses His Shit


Whoa — never seen this before.

Found, along with a similar .gif I can’t manage to upload, on Swallows+.

Ichiro Works Out in Kobe, Says Stuff

AP Photo / Kyodo News

AP Photo / Kyodo News

The AP reports on Ichiro’s workout in Kobe on Tuesday, peppered with a few quotes. On re-upping with the Yankees…

Signing with the Yankees has given me a new sense of determination… This is a unique team, a team that can have a player like Alex Rodriguez as a pinch hitter is special and to be part of that is exciting.

AP Photo / Kyodo News

AP Photo / Kyodo News

On sitting out of this spring’s World Baseball Classic…

There is no reason for me to explain that here.

On turning 40 in October…

It’s annoying to be asked about age.

AP Photo / Kyodo News

AP Photo / Kyodo News

It appears he was wearing his new Mizuno Crosstic threads… Does anybody know what that logo is on his cap?

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