Ichiro in Video Games #1

While searching for something else I came across this page where you can vote for which video game has the better Ichiro simulation: Major League Baseball 2K11 (above, left) or MLB11 The Show (above, right)… Frankly, I think they’re both pretty creepy, and besides, I haven’t cared much about video games since the glory days of Asteroids and Centipede. Still, this prompted me to look for other Ichiro video game appearances. Here he is in MVP Baseball 2004 by EA Sports…

MLB Power Pros by 2K Sports (2007)…

The Bigs 2 by 2K Sports (2009)…

MLB10 The Show by Sony…

MLB11 The Show by Sony…

Major League Baseball 2K11 by 2K Sports…

And here’s some nutty game of Ichiro fighting fellow Japanese baseball star Kazuhiro Kiyohara…

Winner — Ichiro!


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