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Fan Signs at Yesterday’s Game

All photos by me.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Posted on Cyandero’s tumblr blog.

Ichiro’s Fans #6

I missed the story on these guys last year, but better late than never — link.

Ichiro’s Fans #5

Back in ’01, some guy wore this giant homemade Ichiro head to a game at Safeco Field.

Looks like he got some autographs on its face.

Chicks Dig the Foul Ball

At least when Ichiro crashes into them.

It was one year ago today that Ichiro reached into the stands along Safeco’s right-field foul line to grab a Mark Teixeira fly when his outstretched arm collided with 17-year-old Aris Skinner. Though Ichiro didn’t make the catch, Skinner went bananas, and the clip became an instant highlight-reel classic.

Later in the game, the Fox Sports Northwest TV broadcasters sent Skinner a complimentary Ichiro jersey. Later still, she told a Japanese reporter that Ichiro had asked her if she was OK.

“It was awesome,” Skinner said. “I am literally starstruck.”

Here’s video…

Ichiro’s Fans #4

I snapped this photo at some game last year, and was thrilled when it made the cover of Zisk #19. The caricature was part of this much bigger display…

Ichiro’s Fans #3

Found here.

Ichiro’s Fans #2

I snapped this photo at Safeco on the last day of the 2008 season. Cute kid.

Ichiro’s Fans #1

If Ichiro appeared on South Park, I imagine he’d look like this… I snapped this photo in Safeco’s right field seats at a game last year.

More Home Opener Stuff

I’m still woozy this morning following Cleveland’s brutal ten-run fourth last night, but I did have fun collecting a few new Ichiro bits during the game… Like, these new (to me) fun facts flashed across the jumbo video screen during Ichiro’s at-bats: “Favorite Color: Aqua Blue” and “Favorite Meal: Dinner”… I couldn’t quite identify Ichiro’s at-bat music, but Eliza seemed to think it was Rihanna’s “S&M” (yikes!)… Beforehand I picked up the latest Grand Salami, with Ichiro and King Felix sharing the cover… The baseball museum has added an Ichiro locker display next to the Griffey one (which I think was there last year)…

Besides a couple jerseys and other stuff, it includes former manager Bob Melvin’s lineup card from the 2004 night when Ichiro tied, then broke George Sisler’s single-season hits record…

The ball from Ichiro’s 262nd and final hit that year…

An elbow pad (with Mike Cameron and Omar Vizquel reflected in the glass)…

Spikes, batting gloves, and wristbands…

Elsewhere, this nice lady modeled her custom Ichiro cap for me…

And the ultra-hip dude up at the top? I snuck up behind him to snap this picture of his custom Ichiro jacket.