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Ichrio Art #38

By markchidc.

Ichiro Art #37

Inspired by that crazy run he scored Monday night, found here.

Ichiro to New York: Art & Articles

Monday’s Seattle Times photo gallery: Ichiro’s career as a Seattle Mariner.

Tuesday’s Seattle Times: Ichiro Effect on Seattle economy exits with All Star.

Tuesday’s SeattlePI.com: For the Seattle Mariners, it’s the end of the Ichiro Era.

Tuesday’s U.S.S. Mariner: Acknowledging Ichiro’s Greatness.

Wednesday’s New York Times: Careers of Suzuki and Matsui Are Further Intertwined.

Thursday’s Seattle Times Mariners Blog: It took leaving Seattle for Ichiro to finally be used in roles he’s better suited for.

Friday’s New York Times front-page story: Next Act for Superstar: Conquering New York.

Let’s finish with a joke, from Tuesday’s Late Show with David Letterman monologue: “The Yankees have signed All-Star Ichiro Suzuki from the Seattle Mariners… He gets two million dollars and Cameron Diaz.”

eBay Alerts: Quickie Ichiro/Yankee Merch

Above, a 1961 Topps replica knockoff; below, a sketch

Another sketch

A custom McFarlane figure (hope it looks better in person than this bad Photoshop job)…

I dig this ’82 Topps knockoff

And one more illustration

Ichiro Art #36


Ichiro Art #35

Found here.

Ichiro Art #34

Ichiro Art #33

Presumably he’s holding a glass of Kirinlink.

Ichiro Art #31

Found here.

Super Crazy Ichiro Illustrations

Here are dozens of totally bonkers Ichiro illustrations. Most of these make no sense to me, though the one below reminds me of this Dan Clowes illustration

Says the Mighty Flynn, “Illustrator Rryo Ishigaki was challenged by his editor to create 100 illustrations of Ichiro… My interpretation of google’s translation. Please correct me if I’m wrong.”

Here’s the pièce de résistance…


Ichiro Art #30

Ichiro Chases One Down
by Paul Lempa.

Ichiro Art #29

Found here.

Ichiro Art #27

Found here.

Ichiro Art #26

Illustration by Koichi Fujii.

Ichiro Art #25

Here are Ichiro and noted pornography enthusiast Hideki Matsui rendered in corrugated cardboard.

Found here.

Ichiro Art #24

Fat Ichiro.

Found here.

Ichiro Art #23

Not sure what’s happening here, but the site where I found this is NSFW.

Ichiro Art #22

I love these caricatures by Tad Hoshiya

Found here.

Ichiro Art #20

Yet another Seattle series versus pornography enthusiast Hideki Matsui, yet another piece of Ichiro/Matsui artwork (like Ichiro Art #2, #8, and #17). Found here.

Ichiro Art #19

Found here.