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eBay Alerts: Quickie Ichiro/Yankee Merch

Above, a 1961 Topps replica knockoff; below, a sketch

Another sketch

A custom McFarlane figure (hope it looks better in person than this bad Photoshop job)…

I dig this ’82 Topps knockoff

And one more illustration


eBay Alert: Ichiro Bendy

These were handed out to the first 10,000 fans at the June 9th game. Strangely, there was zero fanfare beforehand.

Usually these giveaways are heavily promoted online and during game broadcasts in the weeks prior to such events, but I didn’t see anything… Maybe because there was no outside sponsor?

In any case, I got mine (seen in the photos above). The real Ichiro seems far more flexible.

Bid on Ichiro’s Seattle Rainiers Uniform

Up for auction are the throwback Rainiers uniforms the M’s wore for their May 26 game. It’d be a nice gesture if the proceeds from these went to charity, but no such luck… Link.

eBay Alert: Ichiro Postage Stamp

From the listing

This is a beautiful stamp souvenir sheet, issued by Guinea-Bissau in 2011, honoring Japanese baseball stars. Featured famous athletes shown include World Baseball Classic gold medal award-winning pitcher Koji Uehara, Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher Yoshinori Tateyama, Golden Glove Award-winning player Ichiro Suzuki, and World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award-winning All-Star champion Hideki Matsui. The sheet is Post Office fresh, mint never hinged, and F/VF.

A Random Cool Photo


Though I’ve already posted about McFarlane’s Ichiro figures, I particularly dig this shot of Ichiro 2, found here.

“Extreme Likeness” Mini-Statue

He’s not wearing a cap, but man, look at the hair detail… That’s an extreme likeness!

The manufacturer, Qman, also makes an Ichiro bobblehead, but as I’ve said before, bobbleheads are stupid.

eBay Alert: Phone Card

Pristine, new, unused Japanese telephone card of Ichiro when he was playing for the Orix BlueWave pro baseball team in Japan’s Pacific League. So, if you go to Japan, and there are still any pay phones around, it’ll work. Then again the value of this telephone card drops like a stone so up to you.