Ichiro and the Seahawks Redux

In honor of the Seattle Seahawks playing in Sunday’s Super Bowl, here’s some stuff reposted from my original Ichiro/Seahawks entry from September 25, 2011, plus a couple other things.

The above picture shows Ichiro at Seahawks Stadium Qwest Field CenturyLink Field, two blocks north of Ichiro’s former Safeco Field home. The Seahawks have a pre-game tradition of getting a local celeb hoist a “12” flag over the stadium in tribute to the team’s noisy fans, collectively known as the “12th Man.” Ichiro raised the flag on October 21, 2007…

A different look…

Here’s a video of something else, which I think is also from 2007, showing Ichiro wearing a Seahawks 12 jersey as he explains his base-stealing technique on Japanese TV…

The Seahawks retired the number 12 in 1984, but as I’ve written before, the 12th Man is stupid.

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