Ichiro Repeatedly Slapped on the Head on Japanese Comedy TV Show

Our man recently appeared in this bewildering video, which I sent to blog friend Yukiko Yoda for explanation. Take it away, Yukiko…

· The program was aired this week, 1/21, and filmed on 1/12 at ORIX Buffaloes practice facility

· Yes, it’s a Japanese weekly comedy TV show (I never watched and didn’t know until now though), hosted by Japanese famous comedian, Hamada (who kept slapping Ichiro’s head and a close friend to Ichiro) and Higashino

· The program of the day is titled as “Let’s cheer ORIX Buffaloes!”

· The pitcher is Nobuyuki Hoshino, a former pitcher of ORIX (1984–1999), currently ORIX’s pitching coach, and a close friend to Ichiro

· Ichiro was practicing at the facility on the day, heard about the filming, and, with a playful mind, decided to join. This was totally a surprise appearance and, Hamada, who had a dinner with Ichiro the previous day (Ichiro’s treat), and Higashino didn’t know that (that was why they kept approaching to find out who is that catcher).

In the video

· Ichiro kind of playing the role as a “funny man” while Hamada is a “straight man”

· 1st slap: Hamada recognized it’s Ichiro and the slap was kind of a greeting “what are you doing here?!”. Ichiro well responded by reacting overly and returning to the position as if nothing going on. Higashino said “Don’t do that! He is Japanese treasure!”

· 2nd slap: Hamada saying “Speak something!” while slapping. Ichiro responded “He is a bad guy while camera is on. Otherwise a very nice guy normally”

· 3rd slap: Hamada saying “Your throwing ball is way too fast and scares me!” Hamada and Higashino were talking Mr. Hoshino’s throwing ball is slower than Ichiro’s…”

· Other things Hamada and Higashino were talking to Ichiro, though never replied to, were “do you know our TV show, Gobu Gobu?” “You are here for a training camp?” “Was this arranged before? No? Then you don’t need to get paid for this appearance??”

Thanks Yukiko!


One response to “Ichiro Repeatedly Slapped on the Head on Japanese Comedy TV Show

  1. this video doesn’t exist. bummer.

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