Return of the Ichiro Impersonator

He made an appearance over the weekend at Yankee Stadium, albeit in road grays — video.

While we’re at it, here he is earlier in the year, on some Japanese TV show…

I think this is the same guy, running in the Tokyo Marathon in February — pic found here


Video of him going through the motions in some random location, back when Ichiro was still a Mariner…

Taking a coffee break, found here


This next picture was posted on the Mariner fan blog Lookout Landing in 2008 — it looks like the same guy, but I’m not totally certain…


Then there’s this guy


See all eight Ichiro impersonator posts thus far here.

One response to “Return of the Ichiro Impersonator

  1. From the videos, it looks like he calls himself “Nichiro” Ni meaning two in Japanese

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