Ichiro Rock #8: Take Care

From the Village Voice music blog comes The Athlete Rap Albums We Should’ve Gotten in the ’90s. I get that these are fictional albums, though I’m not sure if they’re spoofing of any existing albums in particular…

Ichiro Suzuki – Take Care

Track Listing

1 – Over My Dead Ichiro

2 – Shot For Ichiro

3 – Headlines (About Ichiro)

4 – Ichiro Love

5 – Take Ichiro

6 – Ichiro’s Room

7 – Buried Alive (Ichiro)

8 – Under Ground Ichiro

9 – We’ll Be Ichiro

10 – Make Ichiro Proud

11 – Ichiro Knows

12 – Ichiro / Good Ones Go Ichiro

13 – Doing Ichiro Wrong

14 – The Real Ichiro

15 – Look What Ichiro Done

16 – HYFR (Ichiro)

17 – Ichiro

18 – The Ride (feat. Ichiro)

Hypothetical The Source Rating – 1 Mic

You know, for a second this album actually tricked me into thinking it was a classic. That was a close one.

Note that Ichiro didn’t actually play for the Mariners in the ’90s — he was still in Japan.

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