New Ichiro Impersonator Videos

This is the guy I met in 2011, who days later got in trouble at Safeco Field. The above clip was shot at a Japanese shopping mall, where “Ichiro” had his own emcee. For those who don’t wanna sit through its nearly nine-minute length, some key moments…

0:09 – Ichiro makes his grand entrance on the down escalator.

3:35 – Ichiro pantomimes a hit in slow motion.

5:03 – Ichiro steals a base by running around the atrium.

5:25 – Ichiro pounds a Yunker.

7:50 – Ichiro makes his grand exit on the up escalator, perhaps on his way to Orange Julius.

Here’s a newer clip from some Japanese TV show, in which Ichiro has updated his act with a Yankee uniform and a Kirin

Finally, a Mariners-era clip at a Matsumoto Yamaga soccer game — look for the uniform surprise at 2:57…

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