It Was One Year Ago Today: Tenth 200-Hit Season

September 23, 2010: In a 1-0 Mariner loss in Toronto, Ichiro got two hits to reach the 200-hit mark for the tenth straight season, tying Pete Rose for the Major League record of 200-hit seasons. Most incredibly, it took Rose 17 seasons to reach the mark (he was 37 at the time), while Ichiro did it in just ten, when he was 36… It’s not likely that Ichiro will get a record-breaking 11th 200-hit season, at least not this year. He’ll try again next year, when he’ll be 38.

Above are some of his fans at the game.


3 responses to “It Was One Year Ago Today: Tenth 200-Hit Season

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  2. I was at that game in Toronto, and it was one of the best days I have ever spent at a ballpark.

    I’m a Jays fan first, Mariners second. Ichiro’s my guy, has been since I saw him at Safeco in ’01. I like to make the 90-minute trip to Toronto when the M’s visit once a year. Last year I took my daughter, then 4 y/o. Got seats in RF, right behind #51. It was a great game. I wore my Ichiro jersey and a Jays cap, got interviewed for Japanese TV. Felix threw a one hitter. The one hit? Jose Bautista’s 50th HR of the year. Then Ichiro collected his 200th hit. Later, John Wetteland, M’s bullpen coach, tossed my daughter a ball. I got interviewed a second time on the way out of the stadium (and I’m certain I came across as an idiot, with or without the English-to-Japanese translation). All in all, an amazing day.

    Also wanted to say that I’ve been following your blog all season, and thought it’s been a rough year for #51, I’ve enjoyed the daily read. Plans to keep it up next season?


  3. Hey Andrew —

    Sounds like an awesome game alright! Wish I’d been there.

    I’ll likely continue the blog next year (as well as with some offseason posts in the meantime), at least all the game recaps. It’ll probably have less of the other stuff — art, baseball cards, comics, etc. — ’cause I’ve used most of the good stuff already!

    Thanks for reading — Steve

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