Ichiro Comics #11

Back in Ichiro Comics #4 we looked at issue #2 of 2 of Mariners Mojo, a free comic distributed at Seattle-area McDonald’s in 2002. In today’s mail came issue #1, which I recently scored on eBay. It opens with Ichiro hitting a walk-off grand slam…

But a sinkhole opens just as Ichiro touches home plate, and he falls in. Turns out that a Bigfoot society has been living in tunnels under Seattle, and they aim to overtake the city. However, Ichiro and his ’02 teammates use their “Mariners Mojo” to subdue the creatures, who then get locked up by the SPD. The story concludes in issue #2, where man and beast learn to live together in harmony. It’s total cornball kids’ stuff, but I do love the Bigfoot connection. Here’s what #1’s cover looks like…


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