Ichiro Playing Cards

I’d never seen these ’til a few days ago, when I came across ’em on eBay with about 90 seconds left in the auction. As the lone bidder, I won the deck for a mere $4.99 (plus $5.50 shipping). They’re from Japan, issued sometime in the ’90s, and sponsored by Nissan — perhaps a ballpark giveaway?

Below, on the left, is how the backs look (sorta like a pinup from a Japanese Tiger Beat). The joker cards (right) look like a silhouette of Bart Simpson taking an airbag to the face…

That Nissan Ichiro airbag logo also appeared in this TV ad from an earlier post. A sampling of the other face cards…

And a close-up of the little logo that’s on every card, reading: “Come on! Over the top! You can do everything.”


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