Earthquakes and Ichiro

Right now I’m listening to the M’s/Indians game on the radio, where announcers Rick Rizzs and Dave Henderson described the 5.9 D.C. earthquake as they felt it in the Cleveland press box. It hit in the top of the third, just before Dustin Ackley flew out. Ichiro, two batters prior, had just lined out, and was likely sitting in the dugout at the time.

Reminds me of the portrait of Ichiro posing at the Kobe Port Earthquake Memorial Park in the tenth-anniversary issue of ESPN The Magazine, published on March 11, 2008. Ichiro was living in Kobe (where he played for the Orix BlueWave) when the Great Hanshin earthquake struck in January 1995, killing over 6,400 people in and around the city. Said Ichiro: “I jumped out of bed when I felt the earthquake and had an experience where I felt the possibility of death. The fear, the crushed feeling from the lost lives, the cruel spectacle of what the city I knew so intimately had become — all those things I can’t forget to this day.”



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