Ichiro Impersonator Update #2

My pals Ken George and Chinatsu (whose work is featured in Ichiro Art #10) sent me this link to a Japanese site with a bunch of photos and videos of the infamous Ichiro impersonator. Yesterday I learned his name is Kenta Imamura. Today, with Chinatsu’s translation, I learned that Kenta is a 32-year-old actor and performer, nicknamed “Nicchiro,” who’s been doing his Ichiro routine since 2009. He’s supposedly the same height as Ichiro (5’8″), but when I stood next to him last week, he sure seemed taller than that.

Not to nit-pick, but I can’t help but notice he’s using tan leather glove (as seen on the ground in the top photo), while the real Ichiro’s is black. Instead of wearing his pants with high cuffs that expose his socks, the bottom of his pant legs are simply crammed into his socks. And though he’s wearing Ichiro’s brand of shoes, it looks like he’s going for a jog along the waterfront. In some photos his lid looks like it needs cap surgery, and what’s with the plastic bat?

But the resemblance is still remarkable (especially the facial hair and mannerisms), and the prop Yunker energy drink is a nice touch…

Many more videos here.

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