Ichiro Impersonator Update

Weird moment tonight, when the Ichiro impersonator I met at Friday’s game got in trouble for interfering with a live ball. In the bottom of the third, Dustin Ackley shot a grounder just inside first base, and it made its way to the stands in foul territory. As Ackley was rounding second, fake Ichiro leaned out onto the warning track and snagged the ball…

The guy in the sling seemed to tell the Ichiro lookalike that he goofed up, while some fans booed…

Realizing his mistake and feeling like a jerk…

Pleading his case…

And escorted away (were the cop and the Alcohol Enforcement guys really necessary?)…

Fortunately for Ackley, instead of a ground-rule double, the hit was ruled a triple. And, fortunately for “Ichiro,” he was allowed to stay at the game.

Article and video here.

3 responses to “Ichiro Impersonator Update

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