All-Star Game Recap: 2003

July 15, 2003
U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago
American League 7, National League 6

Went 0-for-1 and scored a run, below…

I neglected to mention in my 2001 recap an All-Star tradition that began that year: Ichiro’s profanity-laden pep talk delivered to his American League teammates. In the A.L. clubhouse, after the manager gave his pre-game address, Ichiro would step forth from his locker. Then, in English, he’d proceed to disparage the National League All-Stars with a shocking string of F-bombs, easing any pre-game jitters and leaving his teammates in stitches… In 2008, when asked how much he thought his annual speech contributed to the A.L.’s recent All-Star successes, he joked, “I’ve got to say over 90 percent… I know how important [the speech] is to the game. I’m more concentrated at that moment than I am in the game.”

Read more about the 2003 All-Star Game here.


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