Who Wants 2,625 Ichiro Pocket Schedules?

I have a box of Mariners 2011 pocket schedules with Ichiro on the front — they look like this — and it’s up for grabs. The catch is that it weighs 31 pounds, so the recipient must cover the $14.23 Media Mail shipping charges, preferably via PayPal… Interested? Then comment below.

9 responses to “Who Wants 2,625 Ichiro Pocket Schedules?

  1. I’d be interested in a couple but not the entire box.

  2. I’d be interested in as many as you wanted to send me (all). I would use them in my school for various activities. I live in Canada.

  3. Hey Phil — let me check to see how much postage is to Canada, and if you’re still interested, they’re yours. Thanks — Steve

  4. HI again Phil — I found out that sending a 31-pound box to Canada would be at least $50. If you still want ’em, lemme know — Steve

  5. Thanks for checking Steve. It probably wouldn’t be cost effective. Thanks for the offer and checking into it.

  6. I am interested in the schedules, but i do have a question – are they all the same language or are they various languages? – Thanks – Mike Ross

  7. hello…. I am interested in your box, I live in California – I am also named Michael Ross – but i am not the same guy as the previous post (isn’t that weird?) …. I would take the whole thing and cover mailing costs…. please let me know – I also invite you to post these on http://www.pocketschedules.net – a website dedicated to trading pocket schedules!

  8. Hey, Michael in California… Sorry, but the schedules are long gone. However, your website looks pretty cool! Check out all of my pocket schedules that I’ve posted on flickr:


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