Game 30: 1-for-4 in 4-3 Win vs. Texas

Ted S. Warren / AP Photo

At Bats: 4
Runs: 1
Hits, Game/Season: 1/40
Runs Batted In: 0
Walks: 0
Strikeouts: 0
Left on Base: 1
Average: .315
Notes: Singled and scored in the third; grounded into a double-play in the seventh… I was among tonight’s measly crowd of 12,759, my second M’s game of the season. Didn’t get any good photos, but I did pick up the new Grand Salami, plus some freebies for my flickr sets: pocket schedules featuring Ichiro in Japanese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese, plus the newest addition to my set of All-Star Game ballots… Like Eliza suspected on opening night, Ichiro’s at-bat music is indeed Rihanna’s S&M (maybe he thinks it stands for “Seattle & Mariners”)… Then when he singled in the third, the part from Labelle’s Lady Marmalade that goes “gitchi gitchi ya ya da da” played over the PA, presumably ’cause “gitchi” kinda sounds like “Ichi,” one of Ichiro’s nicknames.
Next: Game 31 vs. Texas, 7:10 Wednesday.


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